169936TS Mowing Deck Attachment36 TS MOWING DECK ATTACHMENT Cutting width 35in.2,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
1626TREX RTA ONE ARMTREX RTA ONE. High Power Robotic Trimmer Attachment.2,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
1512PEACE MAKER ROBOTIC ATTACHMENTPeace Maker Robotic Attachment40,000.000 PRODUCT INFO
1254TREX COLLISION AVOIDANCE PACKAGEThe TCA (TREX COLLISSION AVOIDANCE) Package has been engineer and designed for the TREX platform to avoid collisions. It comprises with sonar and soft bumpers.1,000.001 PRODUCT INFO
110622T PLOW ATTACHMENT36 inch plow attachment. It mounts on to the Hybrid GOAT 22T 2016. It comes with a universal controller to lower and raise the plow. The plow can be lower and raise with the 22T remote control. The plow attachment combined with the 22T has tremendous amount of pushing power. 840.001 PRODUCT INFO
1010BULLS EYE 8It is a robotic bulls eye attachment for the MAGA. The Bulls Eye diameter are 8 inches. This is ideal for target practice on a moving object. The attachment comes complete ready to mount to a MAGA80.002 PRODUCT INFO
1002ROBOTIC TRIMMER ARM ATTACHMENTRTA (Robotic Trimmer Attachment) engineered for the Hybrid GOAT 22T. It comes with a high torque electric trimmer. The height of the RTA is controlled with the remote control. This part is only for one arm attachment not two.1,500.001 PRODUCT INFO
999MAGA HYBRID MOWING ATTACHMENTThis is a great mowing attaching for the MAGA unit1,000.001 PRODUCT INFO
998MAGA PLOW ATTACHMENTThe MAGA plow attachment is excellent for snow removal. It comes with an actuator that lowers and raises the plow remotely. Plow width is 28in. 400.001 PRODUCT INFO
979TREX 44 ROLL CAGERoll cage designed for the TREX. 1,000.001 PRODUCT INFO