1431HYBRID GOAT 36TSHYBRID GOAT 36TS special designed for solar power plants. Front deck attachment not included. 14,000.001 PRODUCT INFO
674HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 32Commercial grade remote control mower4,900.000 PRODUCT INFO
6Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T Hybrid robot 22T series has been engineered to perform tasks where it is too risky or uncomfortable for humans. The 22T series are commercial grade units. The GOAT's aggressive tracks make this unit useful on all terrain. 22T series will reduce the labor cost associated with slope mowing. They have lots of power and rugged tracks to climb hills. They can handle very steep hills, ideal for highway mowing, water reservoirs, dams, rough terrains, solar power plants and it can be custom built to meet your needs.8,299.001 PRODUCT INFO
5Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22There is so much muscle on the drive system that it allows the GOAT to climb steep inclines. The response of the brain is smooth and accurate. Unlike most hydraulic units, the Hybrid GOAT generates it's own electric power. It is also environmentally friendly, fuel efficient and does not contain any fluids that could be harmful to your lawn. It is safe, easy to use, easy to mantain, and very reliable.3,500.001 PRODUCT INFO