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2009 Hybrid GOAT ROBOT
Australia Home and Life Style TV Network
Transporting the GOAT Robot is easy
Hybrid GOAT2008 Robot
Snow Plow, See it in action
GOAT2007, climbing hills
GOAT with Tracks
Our Manufacturer, See Robots making robots
2005 Model cutting Tall Grass on a slope


Mower is even a dope like me can control it..thanks a lot...its perfect
Aug 21, 2012 (NY)

Dear Luis, I am very sorry it has taken me this long to contact you again - after you were SO kind as to send a replacement mower deck. I have not mowed one time this year without thanking you - a million times - in my head!
I get tons of interest from complete strangers as I mow. I always pass on your website, so I hope you are getting a few extra hits from the Omaha area! People are sure interested, and I cannot speak highly enough of you and your company!
June 23, 2012 Ohmaha

Hi Luis, I thought I would give you an update on my mower. It is AWESOME! I never thought I would be able to mow my yard ever again, after my accident. Now, I can thanks to you. I did put a mulching blade on and lowered the front of the deck 3/4 of an inch. It cuts really good now.
Thank you so much.
June 7, 2012 Iowa

Hybrid RCLM S class winners!

Hi Luis,
Sorry I'm slow sending pictures. We think our lawn mower is just great! We take turns mowing. It is so much fun, and we are getting a lot better at it. Sometimes we have a caraban of cars coming by to see it. I even master cutting on the curb. I was nervous but i did it just fine.
Thanks a lot,
Sue and Chuck Kelly - Oklahoma

I have never seen a unit that climbs hills the way this unit does. Thanks
Ruud - Nertherlands