32861Deck Engine ReinforcementHawaii Progress Video
3283240 Amp 12V DC relayVirginia Progress Video
32824Long Deck Bracket, OptionHawaii Progress Video
3278122T Circuit BoardVirginia Progress Video
32771Dual Trimmer Arm Vertical Movement (RTA)Petah Tikva Progress Video
32771Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T SOLARPetah Tikva Progress Video
32762GOAT RIGHT ANGLE MOTORS SETIndiana Progress Video
32762Motor BracketIndiana Progress Video
3276222T Drive Sproket AssemblyIndiana Progress Video
32741Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTn. Progress Video
32731Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22THawaii Progress Video
3272222T Sprocket AssemblyIndiana Progress Video
3272222T Front Wheel AssemblyIndiana Progress Video
32704Long Deck Bracket, OptionHawaii Progress Video
32681Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22CA Progress Video
326626 inch Wide Rubber track 160x28x87.63 TNSTN Progress Video
32652Mechanical Engineering ServicesNC Progress Video
32641TREX 36LA Progress Video
32611Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Oklahoma Progress Video
32591Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22KY Progress Video
3257122T HitchAR Progress Video
32571Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TAR Progress Video
32561Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTN Progress Video
32551TREX 44South Caroline Progress Video
32551TREX 44 ROLL CAGESouth Caroline Progress Video
32541GOAT 22X Heavy Duty trailer HitchDelaware Progress Video
32541HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XDelaware Progress Video
3253122T Circuit BoardRoss Shire Progress Video
32511GOAT 22T Radio Controller BoxTN Progress Video
32491TREX 44Virginia Progress Video
32492Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TVirginia Progress Video
32481Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22AL Progress Video
32472ROBOTIC TRIMMER ARM ATTACHMENTHiroshima-ken Progress Video
32451Hybrid RCLM2009 S classNewfoundland Progress Video
32441Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TN Progress Video
3242225 inch by 3/8 inch V Belt 15250Hiroshima-ken Progress Video
3242322 inch Blade 3/8 center hole, Temper steelHiroshima-ken Progress Video
32421Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22THiroshima-ken Progress Video
32411Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T Progress Video
3240122T Circuit BoardPA Progress Video
32362Heavy duty 22 inch Tempered Steel BladeHI Progress Video
32362Belt Idler 2 3/4 in OD - 5/8 BoreHI Progress Video
32351Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TWV Progress Video
32341Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22NSW Progress Video
32331Robo CrawlerNSW Progress Video
32321Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TArkasas Progress Video
3231122T HitchTN Progress Video
32301Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T SOLARFlorida Progress Video
32281Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTN Progress Video
32251HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XCA Progress Video
32231Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TNC Progress Video
32221Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22CT Progress Video
32201SkullFL Progress Video
32171GOAT 22 Shop Vacuum HolderHawaii Progress Video
32171GOAT 22 Roll CageHawaii Progress Video
32174Long Deck Bracket, OptionHawaii Progress Video
32171Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Hawaii Progress Video
32161Hybrid RCLM2009 S classFlorida Progress Video
32142TREX 44Hawaii Progress Video
32141TREX 44 ROLL CAGEHawaii Progress Video
32144TREX One inch Deck Extention KitHawaii Progress Video
32131Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Ohio Progress Video
32091Custom Powder Coating Labor Arkansas Progress Video
32091MAGA HYBRID MOWING ATTACHMENT Arkansas Progress Video
32081Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TA-4460 Losenstein Progress Video
32072GOAT RIGHT ANGLE MOTORS SETHawaii Progress Video
32061RCLM Circuit BoardMD Progress Video
32051Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Hawaii Progress Video
32051Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T SOLARHawaii Progress Video
32031MAGA Arkansas Progress Video
32011Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Tkentucky Progress Video
3200122T Robot High Torque 24V DC motor 61:1 ratioMississippi Progress Video
31981Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22NC Progress Video
31972Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateWest Virginia Progress Video
31951Hybrid RCLM2009 S classOR Progress Video
31941TREX SUPER BRAIN DUAL 480HPHawaii Progress Video
31931TREX SUPER BRAIN DUAL 480HPChiba Progress Video
3192122T HitchTN Progress Video
31921Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TTN Progress Video
31914Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateIN Progress Video
31861Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TGA Progress Video
3184222T Circuit BoardNagasaki Progress Video
3181122T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustCA Progress Video
31811Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TCA Progress Video
3181122T HitchCA Progress Video
31811Pull / Push Plow weed Removal AttachmentCA Progress Video
31701TREX 44Texas Progress Video
31691Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TSingapore Progress Video
31691Pull / Push Plow weed Removal AttachmentSingapore Progress Video
3169122T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustSingapore Progress Video
3166122 inch Blade 3/8 center hole, Temper steelOH Progress Video
3166125 inch by 3/8 inch V Belt 15250OH Progress Video
31652Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateIndiana Progress Video
31641TREX 44CA Progress Video
31621Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22CH Progress Video
31613Electrical Engineering Servicespa Progress Video
31601Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateKY Progress Video
3159122T Sprocket AssemblyNC Progress Video
31571Futaba 6J transmitterSC Progress Video
31561Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateKY Progress Video
3153122T Circuit BoardIndiana Progress Video
31521Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22PA Progress Video
3150122T HitchWA Progress Video
31501HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XWA Progress Video
31491Briggs and Stratton Engine 190 cc professional series 8.75 Gross Torque, electric startVA Progress Video
31491Heavy duty 22 inch Tempered Steel BladeVA Progress Video
31491Belt Cover for RCLM and 22TsVA Progress Video
31481Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TIndiana Progress Video
31451TREX 44 ROLL CAGEFlorida Progress Video
31451TREX 44Florida Progress Video
31441Electrical Engineering ServicesIN Progress Video
31431Electrical Engineering ServicesFlorida Progress Video
31421Electrical Engineering ServicesOhio Progress Video
31411GOAT 22X Flail Mower AttachmentCalifornia Progress Video
31411HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XCalifornia Progress Video
31402Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateVA Progress Video
31391Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22NC Progress Video
31362TREX 44 ROLL CAGEHawaii Progress Video
31351TREX 44Kansas Progress Video
31351TREX 44 ROLL CAGEKansas Progress Video
31341Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TOH Progress Video
31331Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TNB Progress Video
31315Standard Evatech TableFlorida Progress Video
31301TREX 44 ROLL CAGEMA Progress Video
3126122T Circuit BoardVictoria Progress Video
31241Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TMO Progress Video
31231Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22AR Progress Video
31211TREX 44California Progress Video
31211TREX 44 ROLL CAGECalifornia Progress Video
31201Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Me Progress Video
31162Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateNC Progress Video
31152Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateVA Progress Video
3113122T HitchOH Progress Video
3112122T Sprocket AssemblyIN Progress Video
31111RCLM Circuit BoardOH Progress Video
31101Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateVA Progress Video
31091Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22FL Progress Video
3108122T Circuit BoardGA Progress Video
31071Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TCA Progress Video
31061Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateKY Progress Video
31051Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateWest Virginia Progress Video
31041TREX 44AR Progress Video
31031TREX 44AR Progress Video
31001Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateKY Progress Video
30981RDS, Robotic Disinfectant Sprayer for GOAT 22THawaii Progress Video
30981Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22THawaii Progress Video
30961Heavy duty 22 inch Tempered Steel BladeSouth Carolina Progress Video
30952Heavy duty 22 inch Tempered Steel Blade Progress Video
30951Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22T Progress Video
30911TREX 44 ROLL CAGEMO Progress Video
30911TREX 44MO Progress Video
30901Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TFlorida Progress Video
30891Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TFlorida Progress Video
30871TREX 44Hawaii Progress Video
30861Futaba 6J transmitterHawaii Progress Video
30851TREX Winch PackageFlorida Progress Video
30851SAW SHARK, Requires Attacment 1510Florida Progress Video
30842Groschopp Sun Gear Carrier PlateCA Progress Video
30831Universal Actuator Arm for RCLM and MAGANH Progress Video
30821Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TNagasaki Progress Video
30811TREX 44Florida Progress Video
30801Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22Western Australia Progress Video
30751TREX 44Hawaii Progress Video
30741Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TN Progress Video
30731Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TIL Progress Video
30721TREX 44 ROLL CAGEAL Progress Video
30721TREX 44AL Progress Video
30651Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TIN Progress Video
30641TREX SUPER BRAIN DUAL 480HPWV Progress Video
30632Track tensioner partindiana Progress Video
30604Electrical Engineering ServicesTX Progress Video
30591Electrical Engineering ServicesWest Virginia Progress Video
30582Electrical Engineering Servicesindiana Progress Video
30562TREX 44 ROLL CAGEFl Progress Video
30541MAGAFlorida Progress Video
30532TREX 44Fl Progress Video
30511Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22THawaii Progress Video
30481HYBRID GOAT ROBOT 22XNH Progress Video
30471Hybrid RCLM2009 S classGeorgia Progress Video
30461Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TFlorida Progress Video
3045122T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustCalifornia Progress Video
30451Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TCalifornia Progress Video
3044322T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustNC Progress Video
30433IGBT MODULE 600V 400AHI Progress Video
30431INTEGRATED COOLING SYSTEM. Replaces 1441HI Progress Video
30431SkullHI Progress Video
30431TREX One inch Deck Extention KitHI Progress Video
30411Hybrid GOAT ROBOT 22TSwitzerland Progress Video
30381MAGAAlberta Progress Video
3037122T Plow Attachment with Power ThrustAlberta Progress Video

10265April 09, 2021Shippedon its way
10264April 09, 2021Shippedon its way
10250April 08, 2021InstallPart No. 1679 is complete
10249April 08, 2021InstallPart No. 2468 is complete
10248April 08, 2021InstallPart No. 2970 is complete
10228April 08, 2021InstallPart No. 2968 is complete
10227April 08, 2021InstallPart No. 2967 is complete
10226April 08, 2021InstallPart No. 2739 is complete
10109April 05, 2021Powder CoatComplete
10106April 05, 2021Powder CoatComplete
10105April 05, 2021Sand BlastingComplete
10097April 01, 2021Sand BlastingComplete
10070April 01, 2021Machining
10069April 01, 2021Machining
10067April 01, 2021MachiningCompleted
10066April 01, 2021MachiningPart No. 660 is complete
10040March 31, 2021Welding
10039March 31, 2021Welding
10038March 31, 2021WeldingPart No. 1264 is complete
10037March 31, 2021WeldingPart No. 2430 is complete
10036March 31, 2021WeldingPart No. 1617 is complete
10035March 31, 2021WeldingPart No. 2432 is complete
10032March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 2426 is complete
10031March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 2425 is complete
10030March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 783 is complete
10029March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 618 is complete
10028March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 1651 is complete
10027March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 2479 is complete
10026March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 1647 is complete
10025March 30, 2021WeldingPart No. 1652 is complete
10023March 29, 2021Forming
10022March 29, 2021Forming
10021March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 230 is complete
10020March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 2425 is complete
10019March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 2426 is complete
10018March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 634 is complete
10017March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 2416 is complete
10010March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 2192 is complete
10009March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 2474 is complete
10008March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 216 is complete
10007March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 453 is complete
10006March 29, 2021FormingPart No. 2428 is complete
10002March 29, 2021MachiningPart No. 1551 is complete
9994March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 620 is complete
9993March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 618 is complete
9992March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 55 is complete
9991March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 2025 is complete
9990March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 223 is complete
9989March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 220 is complete
9988March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 221 is complete
9987March 26, 2021FormingPart No. 1911 is complete
9974March 25, 2021PlasmaComplete
9973March 25, 2021PlasmaComplete
9972March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2474 is complete
9971March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 11 is complete
9970March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 457 is complete
9961March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 453 is complete
9960March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2428 is complete
9955March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2426 is complete
9951March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2429 is complete
9950March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2192 is complete
9944March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2425 is complete
9920March 25, 2021PlasmaPart No. 785 is complete
9895March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2478 is complete
9894March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2434 is complete
9893March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 20 is complete
9892March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 390 is complete
9889March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 634 is complete
9888March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 620 is complete
9887March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 618 is complete
9886March 24, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2416 is complete
9832March 24, 2021MachiningPart No. 469 is complete
9831March 24, 2021MachiningPart No. 2431 is complete
9830March 24, 2021MachiningPart No. 100 is complete
9829March 24, 2021MachiningPart No. 105 is complete
9828March 24, 2021MachiningPart No. 305 is complete
9827March 24, 2021MachiningPart No. 321 is complete
9826March 24, 2021MachiningPart No. 101 is complete
9820March 24, 2021BandSaw
9819March 24, 2021BandSaw
9818March 24, 2021BandsawPart No. 2043 is complete
9814March 24, 2021BandsawPart No. 2044 is complete
9809March 24, 2021BandsawPart No. 111 is complete
9807March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 213 is complete
9806March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 460 is complete
9805March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 225 is complete
9804March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 100 is complete
9803March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 106 is complete
9802March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 104 is complete
9801March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 1111 is complete
9800March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 469 is complete
9799March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 121 is complete
9798March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 230 is complete
9797March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 10 is complete
9796March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 2431 is complete
9795March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 546 is complete
9794March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 12 is complete
9793March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 17 is complete
9792March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 496 is complete
9791March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 1551 is complete
9790March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 105 is complete
9789March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 305 is complete
9788March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 321 is complete
9787March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 101 is complete
9786March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 101 is complete
9785March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 110 is complete
9784March 23, 2021BandsawPart No. 2042 is complete
9783March 23, 2021WeldingPart No. 730 is complete
9782March 23, 2021WeldingPart No. 1585 is complete
9531March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 388 is complete
9530March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 104 is complete
9529March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 704 is complete
9528March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 16 is complete
9527March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 15 is complete
9526March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 14 is complete
9525March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 99 is complete
9524March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 167 is complete
9523March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 231 is complete
9522March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 216 is complete
9521March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2359 is complete
9520March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 226 is complete
9519March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 55 is complete
9518March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2045 is complete
9517March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2025 is complete
9516March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 223 is complete
9515March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 220 is complete
9514March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 221 is complete
9513March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 322 is complete
9512March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 447 is complete
9511March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 1911 is complete
9510March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 218 is complete
9509March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2321 is complete
9508March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 632 is complete
9507March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 110 is complete
9506March 04, 2021PlasmaPart No. 2042 is complete